NDIS Support Coordination

A woman with a boy who has developmental disability in wheelchairs, receiving NDIS support coordination.

Australian Disability Services is here to provide you with the best services for NDIS support coordination Sydney Wide. So if you feel like the NDIS system is all too much then don’t worry! Our fantastic support coordinators are here to explain things to you, ask you questions about your plan, and help you find quality providers to use your NDIS budget. Come on board and let us help you navigate the NDIS!

Our Excellent Support Coordination Services

Australian Disability Services is known for its top-quality support coordination services, which include the following: 

  • Explain your NDIS plan: We will analyse your plan’s funding and how to use it. 
  • Connect you with NDIS providers: We will assist you in locating registered NDIS providers that meet your needs. 
  • Negotiate service agreements: We will help you maximise the use of your NDIS funding. 
  • Track your progress: We will track how your support is helping with your progress and make changes as necessary. 
  • Resolve NDIS plan issues: We can help you with any issues that you may have with the NDIS. 

Still looking for NDIS support coordinators near me? Our qualified experts underwent support coordination training and a support coordinator course. Contact us today and let Australian Disability Services help you with your needs. Consultation is free!

A support coordinator holding the hand of a person in a wheelchair, symbolising NDIS support coordination.
NDIS support coordination being provided by a nurse to an elderly woman in a wheelchair.

Your Trusted NDIS Support Coordinators

At Australian Disability Services, our support coordinators provide services to people with disabilities to help them achieve their objectives and become independent. Why choose us? We listed several reasons:

  • Experienced and qualified support coordinators: We have been working with NDIS for many years and have a lot of experience in disability.
  • Personalised approach: We help you develop a personalised plan that fits your specific needs and objectives.
  • Comprehensive support: We offer several support coordination services depending on your needs.
  • Commitment to quality: We shall also guarantee that we will provide you with quality and personalised services that will change your life.

Call Australian Disability Services now! We’re the answer to the quest of finding the provider of the best NDIS service near me, Sydney Wide.

The Benefits of Having A Support Coordinator

Empowerment and Independence

Each support coordinator in our team is ready to engage in discussions with you to gain insight into your hopes and dreams. We will assist you in converting these goals into objectives and determining the NDIS-funded supports that will enable you to achieve them. This enables you to gain more control of your life and become more independent. 

Streamlined Service Coordination

Coordinating care with several providers and schedules can be stressful. Our support coordinators become your main contact and will communicate with providers, oversee service delivery, and keep everything on track. This frees you up to focus on achieving your goals.

Maximising Your Funding

Australian Disability Services’ support coordinators are well versed with the NDIS funding rules. We will assist you in maximising the use of your plan by determining the appropriate NDIS support service and securing the highest funding from providers.

Learn More About Support Coordination

Know more about support coordination with the following terminologies:

NDIS Support Coordinator

What is a support coordinator? The support coordinator role is vital in assisting people in understanding the NDIS. This person helps you comprehend your plan, find the right providers, and get the most out of your funding. He or she will support you through your NDIS plan review.

Specialist Support Coordination

This is intended for handling more complicated situations. These coordinators are experts at handling tricky disability needs. They can be there for you in a crisis, help you build skills to be more independent, and assist you when dealing with service providers or other agencies. 

Disability Support Coordination

This is another term for NDIS support coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of NDIS support coordination is funded through the capacity-building budget in your NDIS plan.

Your NDIS plan will specify if you’re eligible for support coordination. If you’re unsure, we’ll help coordinate with concerned agencies.

Australian Disability Services is among the best on the NDIS support coordinator list. We will assist you all the way!

The initial meeting is a chance to discuss your needs, goals, and what you hope to achieve from support coordination.

The frequency of meetings will vary depending on your needs. You’ll discuss this with your support coordinator at the initial meeting.

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