Support Coordination

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ADS’ culturally-competent, multilingual support coordinators are committed to empowering participants to have absolute control in decision making, skill-building, and managing their day-to-day affairs. Through collaboration, support coordinators link participants with service providers.

ADS’ Support Coordination Team provides a wide range of services to the participants, their families and carers, including:

Supporting participants to understand and implement the funded supports in their plan.

Linking participants to the community, mainstream and other government and non-government services.

Negotiating service costs with providers and budget participant plan accordingly.

Ensuring service agreements and service bookings are completed in line with the participants’ goals.

Monitoring participant progress and assisting them in preparation for plan reviews.

ADS provide coordination of supports and specialist support coordination:

Coordination of Supports is provided for participants with higher needs. This may include resolving points of crisis and developing resilience in the participants’ network.

Specialist Support Coordination is a time-limited support coordination. The specialist framework is necessitated by high risks in a participant’s situation to address barriers and reduce complexity in the environment, and assisting with connections to supports, building capacity and enhancing resilience.

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