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Disability Day Program Activities – Visit The Australian Disability Services Centre!

Community & Social Activities

Many people with disabilities have been through a lot. They feel alone and alienated in their own community, so it’s important for them to have the right support groups, disability day program activities, and community programs. These programs often offer a chance for people with disabilities to meet new friends and gain confidence. So, are you looking for disability day program activities for someone you know in Sydney? Then, the Australian Disability Services is the perfect centre for them.

Australian Disability Services aims to help people with special needs to “get life ready“. Our centre runs a number of social day programs in the purpose-designed centre, located in Auburn. ADS is a tailored space to meet the particular needs of different participant groups. Here, participants come together while improving their social and practical skills. Participants also make new friends, support each other, feel connected and included.

We Plan Various Outdoor Social Events, Helping You Socialise With Others

People with disabilities often feel they are missing out on important life experiences. But by going outside and participating in social activities, people with disabilities can engage in the world around them and increase their sense of place and belonging. At the Australian Disability Services Centre we provide disability day program activities which can be very beneficial.  Participants attend group and individual outings, visit their places of interest or discover new places, enhance their social experiences, break down their social isolation as part of the centre’s social programs.

Liberate Your Mind, Get Creative & Learn At The Australian Disability Services.

For many people, craft, art, and music classes can be an important way to stay positive and enjoy their lives. These classes can also help people with disabilities develop a variety of skills that they can use in their daily lives. And at Australian Disability Services, we regularly conduct various creative learning programs for people with disabilities. Whether you’re interested in painting, ceramics, cooking or music, we offer a variety of workshops that are sure to be fun and satisfying. Check out our disability day services to know more.

Our participants are often very proud of the different products they make in art and craft class (such as presents to their loved ones), truly enjoy music classes and spend time in the music room and participate in various public performances.

Cooking classes are fun days for not only participants but also for the staff members as participants like to share their culinary skills and meals.

Why Come To Australian Disability Services?

The best day service centres should be able to meet the needs of people with disabilities. But, these days, some centres can have a hard time providing care customised to the individual. But fortunately, this is not the case when you walk into the Australian Disability Services centre. Our disability day services offer a range of choices for you.

We have an incredible team of counsellors, psychologists and other specialists to cater to your needs.

Our friendly staff will help you with your disability day services at the centre.

They will help you with any concerns and can speak to your family if they are worried about your well-being.

They will help you with any concerns and can speak to your family if they are worried about your well-being.

We can also help you with NDIS services plan management, as several plan managers are available for help.

We have a wide range of disability day program activities.

So, get in touch with Australian Disability Services today and sign up for our disability day program activities in Auburn, NSW

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