Community & Social Activities

Australian Disability Services aims to help people with special needs to “get life ready“.

ADS runs number of social day programs in the purpose-designed Centre, located in Auburn. ADS Centre is a tailored space to meet the particular needs of different participant groups, where participants come together while improving their social and practical skills. Participants also make new friends, support each other, feel connected and included.

Participants also attend group and individual outings,  visit their places of interest or discover new places, enhance their social experiences, break down their social isolation as part of centre’s social programs.

Participants are very proud of the different products they make in art and craft class, such as presents to their loved ones, truly enjoy music classes and spend time in the music room and participate in various public performances.

Cooking classes are the fun days for not only participants but also for the staff members as participant likes to share and offers their cooking.