Accommodation and Tenancy Assistance

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Accommodation Assistance

ADS provides short-term and medium-term accommodation, respite care and supported independent living opportunities depending on the participant’s needs or their families or carers. ADS  acknowledges and appreciates the significance of the informal support provided by career/families to the people with special need. Providing respite care aims to give the most needed breaks to ensure the continuity of the support provided by the carer and families.

Participants are welcome to spend time in our pet-friendly short-term and medium-term accommodations located in Auburn and Central Coast. This gives participants the opportunity to refresh, have a break and overcome a crisis in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment where they can work towards independent living skills.

ADS’ expert support coordination team can also assist you in finding long-term accommodation solutions.

We have two accommodation houses available:

  1. Short Term Accommodation at 21 Pool Close Empire Bay NSW 2257
  2. Supported Independent Living at 151 Mona Street South Granville NSW 2142
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