Shilpi Ashti - Counselor / Behavior Support Practitioner

Shilpi is a qualified M.A in Clinical Psychology.  Shilpi is a registered counsellor level 4 with Australian Counselling Association and a registered Behaviour Support Practitioner.

Shilpi has over 12 years of experience working in the disability sector across multiple countries such as Singapore, UAE, India and now in Australia. She gained extensive experience and training in working ASD and other neuro-developmental disorders. Shilpi has extensive work experience in working with children and adults with other mental health issues. She is trained on TEACCH, PECS, Certified in neuroscience and self-regulation, art therapy and Autplay- Autism based play therapy.


Shilpi recognises how difficult and intimidating it can be to seek counselling. She is committed to providing a warm, sympathetic, and safe space for you to discuss and explore your concerns. She feels that during treatment, it is critical for you to feel valued, respected, and supported.

She employs a collaborative approach while remaining pragmatic in order to work together on taking steps towards significant change.