Rasiha Ozdemir – Co-Founder – Paediatric Clinical Team Manager

Rasiha is a nationally registered psychologist and is one of the co-founders of ADS. Rasiha oversees the paediatric clinical team as she is passionate about helping kids with special needs and their families/carers to overcome barriers and reach their maximum potential for a meaningful life. She is a behaviour support practitioner with restrictive behaviours authorization.

Rasiha, who is a mother of two, is also considered as the “mother of the centre” because of her extremely nurturing, positive and patient nature. Rasiha specialises in developmental disabilities and she is highly trained in Autism Spectrum Disorder as she takes an interest in this area. Rasiha has attended international child and adolescent psychiatry symposiums in her determination to extend her knowledge with all the latest contemporary information in the field. Rasiha is also a wonderful trainer who enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with her colleagues.

Rasiha takes a holistic approach to therapy involving parents and carers in the process to ensure a robust outcome for her clients. Rasiha works with the most challenging clients from any age group. She specialises in Behaviour Support Management at ADS, which involves working with risky and challenging behaviours in children with developmental disabilities. Rasiha works with children, adolescents and adult clients using a client-centred, strengths-based service approach.

Rasiha loves travelling and reading in her spare time. She also loves spending quality time with her children.

Rasiha has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Western Sydney University. She completed her 2-year internship with Auburn Psychology in 2014.

Professional Achievement


  • Registered Psychologist
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Accredited NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner
  • Associate Member of Australian Psychological Society
  • Certificate in Children and Adolescent Clinical Psychiatry (International)
  • Certificate in Family Therapy (International)
  • Certificate in Psychological Approaches in Complex Trauma (International)
  • Certificate in Stress Management for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Certificate in Helping Children with Challenging Behaviours