ADS’ behaviour intervention programs are aimed at reducing challenging and risky behaviours for some ‘high-risk’ participants to replace these behaviours with appropriate alternatives. ADS’ Behaviour Support Practitioners develop individualised, comprehensive intervention plans that consist of a functional analysis of the target behaviour, including observations and interviews, removal of antecedents for the behaviour (where appropriate) and replacing the behaviour with an adaptive alternative.

Positive behaviour support is an evidence-based approach. It is proven to be successful in increasing the overall quality of life, as well as reducing behavioural concerns. whilst ensuring that participants’ rights are upheld to the best possible standard. We thrive on the idea of our participants succeeding in their ability to develop and maintain personal relationships and health on the path to becoming more active members of their respective communities. Families, carers, and the educational staff jointly tackle the responsibility of continuing intervention plans outside the clinical setting – a habit that ADS has for going above and beyond what other providers are willing to do.