Mert Ercan- Therapy Assistant

Mert Ercan has been working as a therapy assistant to conduct therapeutic related activities under the guidance of a psychologist at Australian Disability Services since 2020.  Mert has successfully completed his Undergraduate Degree in Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Turkey. As part of his work placement, he has undertaken role as Intern Psychologist overseas and has worked in the areas of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders, Dementia and other mental health conditions in government Hospitals and Clinics.  Mert has been known at ADS with his great sense of humor as well as his very empathetic attitude towards his clients and team members.

Mert has particular interest and strength in the areas of problems with addiction, substance or related disorders whom he demonstrates excellent work ethics, boundaries and professionalism. Mert is also bilingual and speaks Turkish and English. He has contributed to the wellbeing of his clients specifically while working with various scope of disabilities. He also has deep understanding of multiculturalism and demonstration of cultural competency.

His long-term goals include gaining his endorsement in the area of Clinical Psychology and focusing on further experience and upskilling himself in the areas of Drug & Alcohol, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders. He also would like to explore further research on signs and expressions of Body Language. His hobbies and interests include scuba-diving, bike riding and exploring nature.