Meltem Sahinbas Yagli - Plan Manager / Finance Manager

Meltem is one of the co-founders of ADS and she is responsible for all financial matters. After a long career in finance, her passion for helping young people has led her to study early childhood education. With her kind and nurturing personality, she dreamt of establishing a unique service for people from all walks of life – a contributing factor to the creation of ADS.

Meltem is known in the organisation as one of the most skilled and versatile persons at ADS. She takes on a successful role of wearing many hats in the organisation. Along with managing all financial matters for ADS, Meltem dabbles in creating educational and enjoyable day programs for our participants, which is a testament to her hands-on attitude and warm, fun-loving persona. When she is not in her office, you will find her dancing and signing with participants in our music room.

Meltem is an incredibly talented plan manager and she works with support coordinators to help participants get the best out of their budgets.

Meltem loves animals, particularly dogs. She reads in her spare time and she loves travelling and discovering new destinations.