Kathryn Cabrera Richards - Art Therapist


Professional Memberships: AASW, ANZACATA

Kathryn began working life as a social worker in community health where among other things she helped implement a suicide prevention community program during a rural economic crisis which helped to save lives of farmers.

She lived in Turkey then Bulgaria for about thirteen years and eventually joined an Allied Health team which sought to change practices of care and improve relationships between staff and children in a remote orphanage for disabled children. Kathryn learned good Turkish and basic Bulgarian. She still speaks Turkish in her art therapy practice with some clients at ADS, here in Auburn.

From 2007 onwards, Kathryn implemented early intervention as a parent, doing speech therapy homework, brain gym, sensory integrated occupational therapy to address her own family’s special needs. She feels empathy for other parents faced with unexpected needs and loves to see her clients grow in their capacity for self expression and connection through art making and talking about their art work.

One of the special things about Kathryn is art. She loves to experiment with art materials and delights in supporting her clients to create their own art expressions and have their voice heard. One of the benefits of art therapy with Kathryn is that people are empowered to express themselves and given a quiet, safe therapeutic space where trauma can be worked through in a gentle nonverbal way.

Kathryn has been offering art therapy at ADS for about two years now. Prior to working at ADS,she had been in private practice, providing art therapy within the NDIS system.

Kathryn loves to go for long walks through forests, by the sea, or explore unfamiliar places with her family.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.