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Living with disabilities  can be challenging especially if you are living on your own. Thankfully, there is help near you in Bankstown. Australian Disability Services in Bankstown provide several disability services in the Bankstown area, including short or medium-term accommodation and centre-based activities like cooking classes, games hours, numeracy and alphabet classes. These will help people with disabilities to be a part of their community and join in activities they enjoy. You can trust us at Australian Disability Services to help you with the most amazing disability services in your area. With the help of our disability services, the right skills and performance can be developed in people with disabilities to enjoy their time.

Australian Disability Services: Your Safe House For Disability Services In Bankstown

Australian Disability Services is a reputed provider of disability services in Bankstown. We provide the best disability services in Bankstown to help you meet your lifelong pursuit of health. There are quite a few ways in which we can help you:

  • We have the experience to deal with all kinds of disabilities. Australian Disability Services is a one-stop centre that takes a holistic approach to providing a wide range of therapeutic services. 
  • We work extremely hard on speech therapies for our participants. People with disabilities sometimes have difficulty in communicating and that’s why our team utilises individualised speech therapy techniques to improve communication. There are various sorts of disorders, i.e. articulation, fluency, resonance, and expressive disorders. The good thing is that we at Australian Disability Services have specialised disability services in Bankstown for each one of them. 
  • We also help our participants with positive behaviour support. The goal is to reduce challenging and risky behaviours for some ‘high-risk’ participants. We first get the functional analysis of the target behaviour, including observations and interviews. We work to remove antecedents for the behaviour (where appropriate) and replace this with an adaptive alternative.

We Also Offer Short Term Accommodation Services

At times, it’s difficult for people with disabilities to get good accommodation for themselves. However, with the help of our disability services in Bankstown, you can get short-term or medium term accommodation in the Bankstown area. And here are some benefits of choosing our disability centre for your accommodation:

  • It allows a person with a disability to enjoy a stay away from their family home independently.
  • They can meet new peers and gain new skills, all while having their disability support needs to be met.
  • When we provide short-term accommodation to people with disabilities in the Bankstown area, we plan regular stays for them.

Proper Centre-Based Activities For People With Disabilities

We have a wide range of centre-based activities for all our participants in Bankstown like cooking classes, games hours, numeracy and alphabet classes. We want to tap into their full potential and help them compete with normal people in every way possible. For that purpose, proper centre-based activities are really important. They will slowly and steadily work for all our participants since we are committed to our job.

  • We take a team approach and will consult with your employer and case manager, if necessary
  • Our experienced team of physiotherapists will perform a comprehensive assessment. It will include postural and biomechanical assessments to diagnose your problem.

Hire Our Disability Services In Bankstown

As you can see, our disability services are available across Bankstown. Since we can reach out to you easily in Bankstown, you shouldn’t think twice before contacting us for any type of disability service you may require. You can call 02-9649 2238 or send us an email at info@ausdisability.com.au!

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