We develop unique and holistic human-centered approach to every individuals. With knowledge and expertise of multilingual team we provide therapy, advocacy, accessibility and accommodation services to Australians with different disabilities.

Our Vision

Australian Disability Services is a place where the disability turns into the ability.

Our Mission

Australian Disability Services focuses on the strengths of Australians while helping each individuals overcoming the disadvantages of any types to improve their quality of life.


We respect all individuals equally


We welcome and learn from all individuals



We treat and welcome each individual with honesty and dignity

Our Services

Choose One or Two

We have big team from different disciplines who can help you with improving your daily life.

Do you already have NDIS Plan?

Please feel free to contact us. We’re super happy to talk to you. Feel free to ask anything. Our goal is simple, to make things realised and to transform your life. We were founded on this principle.


Our team

We have holistic approach to every individual. With more than ten years of knowledge and expertise we provide human-centered services and help people improve! Join us and meet our team consisting of Psychologists, Counselors, Speech Therapist and Exercise Physiologist, Support Coordinators and Plan Managers.