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  • Discuss the issue or suggestion with the staff member who is directly involved.
  • Discuss the issue with a Manager
  • Complete a Complaints or Complain or Feedback Form

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What will happen?

Australian Disability Services will provide appropriate avenues for clients to state and have resolved to their satisfaction any complaints about the service they receive, in a ethical, confidential, timely, transparent and fair way.

We view feedback as a positive opportunity to improve the quality of our services and operations, and to strengthen relationships with our customers and community.

Complaints are treated confidentially. Only the people who need to help a resolution will be involved. Our team ensures the processes are followed in an appropriate and timely manner.

How long will it take to resolve a complaint?

Complaints will be resolved within practicable timeframe – ideally the organisation will diligently work to resolve the complaint 30 working days of receipt.